What is Happening in Israel and Why?

October 15, 2023

Terrorist Attacks From A Biblical Perspective

We all know and have seen pictures and videos of the ghastly human atrocities happening in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

At 6:35 AM on October 7, Israeli time, the first air raid sirens sounded in southern and central Israel to warn that rockets were being
launched from Gaza in an attempt to overrun the famous Iron Dome defense system, while militants on motorized paragliders landed near a Music Festival where 3000-5000 partiers were celebrating: 260 people were killed at will, and many others kidnapped.

What unfolded on the news was the attempt at another holocaust. Elderly people were executed at bus stops, IDF soldiers captured and killed, their bodies mutilated, military leaders abducted, people slain in their cars, and children shot in their car seats — all on the Sabbath. Women were ravaged and killed; children were brutalized, allegedly beheaded, or burned alive. And 29 Americans are reported dead.

It is one of the worst atrocities in recent history. Hard to watch the godless inhumane treatment of a people group. It’s appalling, fear-inducing, and maddening, and a real-time look into the sickened state of a wicked heart and a Satanically inspired religion. NOTHING rises to the level that one human should treat another this way.

And it’s provoking to our sense of God-given justice. Not that we quench a lust for blood and vengeance, but we do understand the
how the Bible gives Israel, just like it would any country, the right to put down the evil and engage in a just war to eliminate the evildoers.

What happened calls for a response, not just because it is Israel and that the land of the Bible is under attack, but because of the MAJOR significance the nation of Israel has in the Bible’s past and future.